Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Roundup

I don’t know about you but I’m already thinking about how I’m going to use up all that leftover turkey from Thanksgiving! I’ve gathered some of my favorite Ruth’s Table recipes to help get you through the long holiday weekend.

BBQ Pulled Pork & Collard Green Pizza – substitute 1 cup shredded, cooked turkey

Curry Chicken Salad with Almonds & Currants – substitute 3 cups diced turkey breast

Chicken Paprikash Pasta – substitute 2 cups diced turkey for chicken, add during the sundried tomato step

Chicken Mole Tacossubstitute shredded or diced turkey for chicken

Chipotle Queso Chicken Chowder – instead of using a slow cooker, you can do this on the stove top. Sautee onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, chipotle and garlic in olive oil in a large Dutch oven. Add beans, tomatoes, spices and chicken stock and let simmer for about 20 minutes. Follow the remaining instructions as is, adding shredded turkey at the end with the cream cheese.

Sour Cream Enchiladas – substitute leftover turkey for chicken

Chicken Tamale Casserole – substitute turkey for chicken

Greek Chicken Salad – substitute turkey for chicken

Curry Chicken Potpie – substitute 2 cups shredded turkey for chicken

Chicken Elegant – substitute diced turkey for chicken

Pollo Posole Verde – substitute turkey for chicken

San Antonio Tortilla Soup – substitute turkey for chicken

Coconut Chile Fried Rice – just toss shredded turkey when you add the sauce

I hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving with family and friends!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jane says:

    Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas!

    Looking forward to trying some!

    Love you!

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